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Everything You Need to Know about the NYCxDESIGN 2024

In order to capture the attention of a wider audience, designers will require an avenue to showcase their designs and expand their influence, which is why NYCxDesign is marked as a special event.

When it comes to submitting your designs for these types of events you will need to supply a solid portfolio that shows your design and how you want to participate in the event, which warrants the use of tools or software to amplify the beauty of their creation in a photograph.

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Part 1. What is NYCxDESIGN?


The New York Design Week - otherwise known as NYCxDESIGN - is an annual and week-long major festival for designers who want to showcase their designs and participate in an event where various people are actively searching for great designs.

It is a perfect opportunity to establish diverse connections, allowing designers and artists to create an event dedicated to their creation.

At its core, if you are a designer and you've decided to participate in the NYC Design Festival 2024, you will need to create an exhibit, or a fair showing your most stellar designs.

It allows enthusiasts from both national and international visitors to see your brand, and foster a community advocating different designs that further encourage and inspire the next generation of designers.

This 2024 mark promotes the same concept as they invited designers and brands of all disciplines from different corners of the world. So when exactly will it take place, and what can you potentially get by joining or visiting the NYCxDesign week?

Part 2. When Will NYCxDESIGN Take Place?

The event was held earlier this month in May on the 16th and the 23rd, it is jam packed with major fairs, alongside several gallery shows and special parties drawing in local and international enthusiasts.

The event boasts a diverse range of happenings with various people enjoying some of the exhibits conceived by some of the most talented designers.

Part 3. What You Can Expect with NYCxDESIGN 2024?

nycx design

Here are some of the most noteworthy events that occurred during this NYCxDESIGN 2024 including the location on where they took place.


Date and time: May 19 - 21, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Location: Javits Center, 429 11th Ave, New York City, 10001

ICFF - or the International Contemporary Furniture Fair showcases designs from WANTED, a connector and amplifier of connected designs that presents high-end design studios and prototypes from independent designers.


Date and Time: May 15, 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Location: Tuleste Factory, 191 7TH AVENUE 2R, New York City, 10011

It features different artworks that range from paintings to sculptures. The exhibit boasted a colorful theme which brought its audiences on a trippy journey.


Date and Time: May 20 - 22, 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Location: 99 SCOTT STUDIOS, 99 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, 11237

From Parsons School of Design, the exhibit explored a diverse range of themes that included Soundscapes, videos, and photographs allowing their guests to have an immersive experience.


Date and Time: May 22, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Location: Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, 2 E 91st St, New York City, 10128

An exhibition showcased by Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum which features over 150 designs.

It offered presentations from curators that provided a definitive explanation on what are the significance of designs and how they warrant and mirror cultural values.


Date and Time: May 22 to 23, 12 pm to 8 pm

Location: One Art Space, 23 Warren St, New York City, 10007

It showcased post-World War II Italian and American graphic design. It aims to understand the artistic value and collaboration between the two countries.

It features original works from different Italian artists, accompanied by a limited edition book.

Do you want to learn more about the events? You can check the full NYCxDESIGN events 2024.

Part 4. Who can Participate in NYCxDESIGN 2024 and how?

nycxdesign 2024

The NYCxDESIGN 2024 is an opportunity for every designer and exhibit to participate in a creative community for a broader audience of professionals.

One of the most sought-after benefits of this event is it allows artists and designers to establish connections with other design communities and expand their connection with professionals and design enthusiasts creating a collaborative and supportive environment. 

Establishing a collaborative environment helps organizations achieve their business objectives and foster business growth.

To highlight your creation, it will be helpful to join these types of events, but how can you participate and what are the requirements?

NYCxDesign opens an invitation to every member of the design community and allows them to host their design events.

The event that you want to curate may appear in the following:

  • Group Exhibitions
  • Open Studios
  • Public Installations
  • Talks
  • Panel Discussions
  • Virtual Events
  • Other creative endeavors

NYCxDESIGN welcomes every contribution and encourages everyone to join, especially if you are confident about your designs and understand that what you created is something to be shared with everyone. Who knows who will notice your designs? 

You can check out the NYCxDESIGN engagement page to understand the requirements for participating in this event.

Part 5. Everything about NYCxDESIGN Awards

NYCxDesign also offers awards that create an opportunity for the winners to acquire full recognition for their designs and platform. 

For its 9th year, NYCxDesign awards different categories for designs that stand out amongst the rest. Here are some of the winners:

  1. Large ApartmentNomad Loft by Michael K. Chen Architecture
  2. Small Apartment - American Thread Building by Crina Arghirescu Architecture
  3. Bar/Lounge - Lawn Club by Heitler Houstoun Architects
  4. Building Facade - The Spiral by Bjarke Ingels Group
  5. Casual Dining - Cafe Mars by Format Architecture Office
  6. City House - Warren Street Townhouse by Ghislaine Viñas
  7. City Residence Transformation - Cast Iron Duplex by Timothy Godbold (Apartment), and Harlem Rectory by GRT Architects (House) 
  8. Commercial Amenity Space - Mutual of America Building by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
  9. Commercial Lobby - One and Two Manhattan West by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
  10. Large Corporate Office - Financial Client by TPG Architecture
  11. Small Corporate Office - Three Cairns Group by Schiller Projects
  12. Large Creative Office - Charter Communications Headquarters by HLW
  13. Small Creative Office - Le Truc/Publicis Groupe Headquarters by Architecture Plus Information
  14. Education - Escuela Comunitaria del Bronx by Eleven of Eleven Architecture
  15. Entertainment - Louis Armstrong Center by Caple Jefferson Architects
  16. Exhibition/Installation - One by Amanda Russo Rubman
  17. Fine Dining - Moono by Two Point Zero and Metropolis by Marcus Samuelson by Rockwell Group
  18. Graphics + Branding: Google Headquarters, St. John's Terminal by GHD Partners and Gensler
  19. Greater Good: Environmental + Social Impact: Cloud Swing by Isometric Studio
  20. Health + Wellness: EasyMove by Oli thru AD Waters

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Part 7. FAQs about NYCxDESIGN 2024

1. Should I pay for anything when registering?

Usually, there are registration fees when you want to participate in the event. Dezeen categorized the registration through the following (if you want to learn more, check the NYCxDESIGN guide):

  • Standard Listings ($160)
  • Enhanced Listings ($225)
  • Featured Listings ($450)

2. Who usually participates in this kind of event?

Designers, and other organizations that want to exhibit their designs for enthusiasts and professionals.

3. Are there any categories for what type of design I can submit?

NYCxDesigns welcomes any design-related events that you can think of. It can either be an exhibit, open studios, or virtual events.


NYCxDESIGN is a great avenue for artists and designers to boast their talents when it comes to designing. And if you have a hobby or profession related to art and design, it's highly recommended that you join either as a contestant or as a visitor. 

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