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Exploring the Meaning, History, Symbolism, and Significance of Scarlet Color

Is scarlet a color? Colors play an essential role in our lives because they affect our emotions and decisions. They can evoke feelings of warmth and excitement and are used everywhere to communicate messages. Among all the colors, scarlet is especially important and has a strong symbolic meaning. Mainly, scarlet is linked to energy and passion, making it a popular choice in many cultures.

Therefore, this article will explain all about this unique color and what it represents. Besides, we will introduce you to the best online tool to create scarlet color designs. If you feel interested after learning everything about it, you can try the tool right away.

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Part 1. What is the Color of Scarlet?

We often hear about its name and wonder what the color scarlet actually is. In this regard, we will clarify the specific shades it contains. Scarlet is a bright and bold shade of red with a slight tint of orange. That's why it sits between both on the color spectrum, making it more intense than standard red.

Interestingly, this noble color has a rich history, as it was prized and expensive in the Middle Ages. This is because creating a true scarlet dye was a complex and laborious process, making it a symbol of affluence.

scarlet colorPart 2. Scarlet Color Meaning - What Does Scarlet Color Represent?

As we mentioned, scarlet is a vibrant red hue with a touch of orange and carries a variety of powerful meanings. This section will explicitly enlighten you on the meaning of scarlet color and what it represents. Most importantly, it is linked to strong emotions such as love and romance. Besides, the brightness of the scarlet suggests high energy and dynamism, symbolizing life force and vitality.

If we look at history, this distinct color has been associated with power and authority. That's why it was often worn by royalty and important officials to signify their status and bravery. Other than this, scarlet can also signal danger or caution, as it is similar to red. Moreover, it represents martyrdom and sacrifice in some religious contexts to denote deep spiritual meanings.

Part 3. Scarlet vs. Red: Are They the Same?

Although both colors are closely related, you must learn to differentiate if they are the same or not. Red is a primary color and one of the purest hues on the color spectrum, known for its intensity and versatility. It can range from dark to light shades, symbolizing various concepts like danger and power.

In contrast, the scarlet color is a shade of red that includes a slight touch of orange, making it somewhat brighter and more vibrant. This unique change makes it more eye-catching and bolder than standard red.

Besides, the symbolism and use of these colors also differ, where scarlet is more specifically linked to strong emotions. In cultural contexts, red can represent good luck and prosperity, whereas scarlet tends to carry more specialized connotations.

the color of scarlet vs red

Part 4. Scarlet Red Color Code

We all know how color systems work in digital platforms, where we must enter a color code to choose a specific color. In this case, the scarlet red color code can vary depending on the particular shade and the color system being used. So, we will present you with a table showing all the color codes associated with different systems:






255, 36, 0


8°, 100%, 50%


8°, 100%, 100%


0, 86, 100, 0




Part 5. How to Create Scarlet Design?

For those wondering how they can use this noble color to beautify the look of their product photos, we got them. We will let you explore the best free online photo design tool that lets you utilize the symbolic representation of scarlet color in your pictures. Using insMind, you can remove the background of your images and replace it with this stunning color instantly by applying the code.

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insMind scarlet color design tool

Besides, you can even create shadows of your product's images to merge with the new background, giving a realistic look. Moreover, it even allows you to choose between the solid and gradient styles for the new background of your image.

Key Features:

  • Magic Eraser: insMind lets you erase any unwanted object from your picture through its Magic Eraser feature. You can even use this tool to erase certain boundaries and edges while performing background removal.
  • Smart Resize: If you intend to use your images across multiple platforms, this photo editing tool is perfect for you. Through its smart resize feature, you can turn edited images into any desired ratio to use on different social media.
  • AI Expand: This photo designer tool's AI expand feature allows you to extend the view of your images. It uses AI technology to recognize the precise image areas and extend and merge them.
  • AI background: Not only can you replace the background of your photos with a scarlet color, but you can generate a creative one through AI. By doing this, you can make your product stand out in the competition with an innovative look.
  • Add Text to Image: This free photo editor even offers you the ability to add text to your images. In this way, you can personalize your visual content and give a touch of your brand.

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Scarlet Design Through insMind

Now that you know what this excellent photo editor offers, let's lead the discussion towards the instructions for using it. Simply follow us with the provided steps, and you will be able to turn your background into the scarlet color within seconds:

Step 1. Upload the Photo in the Photo Design Tool

Start by launching the web browser on your system and go to insMind's official site. There, hit the "Upload a photo" button to upload your relevant photo to the tool's interface. As soon as you do this, the tool will automatically remove the image's background instantly.

scarlet color design upload a photo

Step 2. Enter the Scarlet Color Code in the Color Palette

Afterward, click the "Background" category from the left panel and hit the color palette icon to access custom colors. Now, add the scarlet color code in the given box and hit "Enter," which will immediately turn the background scarlet.

access the scarlet color 

Step 3. Download the Replaced Background Photo

Finally, you can save the edited image to your device for free. To do so, click the "Download" button at the top-right corner and again hit "Download" after choosing the custom settings.

download the image with scarlet color 


In summary, colors represent and mean so much in our lives, especially the scarlet color, which has a strong historical and symbolic background. Considering this, you have been informed of everything you must know about the importance of this distinct color. Besides, we have shared with you all the code systems and the scarlet red color code you can use to access them.

As a bonus, we have introduced the best free online photo design tool, allowing you to effectively use this famous color in your pictures. Don't waste your time thinking; just try insMind yourself and thank us later.

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