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Top 5 AI Selfie Generators to Turn Your Selfies Extraordinary

The growth of Artificial Intelligence-related software has taken the world by storm and is making its way through the different industries. However, on a smaller scale, we often see the use of AI very commonly on various social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram where we see filters like finding out what you would look like if you were a Harry Potter character. This is made possible with the help of AI selfie generators that give users a small taste of the advantages of AI. We will be presenting the Top 5 AI selfie generators and hope that you find the one that fits your needs.

The 5 Best AI Selfie Generators in 2024

1. insMind AI Selfie Generator

insMind is the leading AI Selfie Generator in the market right now and for good reason. It supports multiple filter effects, such as CG, LineArt, Sketch, Watercolor, 3D, Clay, and more. It also offers an array of photo editing features that its users can use for their different needs and preferences. The people behind the application are seasoned veterans in the industry and are very well experienced when it comes to the user experience aspect as well as the quality of service that they give to their users ensuring that they deliver the best they have to offer and more.

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free ai selfie generator - insMind

  • Extensive AI Selfie FiltersYou can now have fun with your selfies with insMind’s wide range of filters you can use, here are their most famous ones: Line Drawing, Watercolor, Cartoon, Anime
  • Computer Graphic Filters: Use the cutting-edge AI art filter to enhance your photos to make them look like a work of art that should be displayed in a museum. This can be used by all whether you are a professional artist or just someone that wants to have some fun, with insMind you are welcome to try these out.
  • Easy to understand Interface: Its interface is perfect for beginners as it is intuitive and direct to the point saving you from the complications yet retaining the quality of service of each photo.
  • Excellent Developers: insMind developers are continuously making the product better and better with each update ensuring that there is always something new to try out which makes the application always interesting.

2. ImagineMe AI Selfie Generator

ImagineMe is a tool that gives its users the ability to create customized AI-generated selfies by using their own photos. They offer a lot of features to choose from. If you want to use gaming avatars or even artistic portraits, you will have a place here. These photos can be shared on various social media platforms to share your humor and creativity with your friends and family. 

ImagineMe boasts its versatility in generating AI images without templates or pre-set styles which gives its users unlimited creative freedom.

ImagineMe AI Selfie Generator

3. Fotor AI Selfie Generator

Fotor offers its users an online AI selfie generator that transforms their uploaded photos into unique and high-quality AI-generated selfies. The application also has a lot of filters to choose from depending on your likes and hobbies. There is a professional business portraits filter to get you ready for job hunting season or just to update your resume and many more.

Professional AI Selfies for Business: If you do not have time to go to a photo studio to get your professional headshots for your work or resume, worry not as you can get one made entirely from AI. All you have to do is to upload your selfie and it will do all the work for you.

Fotor AI Selfie Generator

4. Photoleap AI Selfie Generator

Photoleap gives its users the freedom to make diverse and personalized AI-generated selfies from their own devices. Its users can use the application to turn their normal selfies into realistic and creative AI-generated photos. Users can also share their creativity and unique photos on social media as the application supports easy sharing options that are available to all users and all their AI-generated selfies.

90s Yearbook Photos: They offer a unique filter that takes you back to the 90s and gives you a unique look of what your yearbook photo would have looked like if you were born during that time. It is surely something that you can share with your parents to get a reaction.

Photoleap AI Selfie Generator

5. Artguru AI Selfie Generator

Artguru is an AI application that focuses on turning your simple photos into unique and realistic styles. Users can make eye-catching selfies for their social media or just to feed the curiosity of knowing what we would look like in a specific theme. Artguru emphasizes the importance of ease of use as well as fast results which makes it a solid choice.

Artguru also offers image generation from prompts, face swapping, and many more to cover all the bases needed for your AI needs.

Artguru AI Selfie GeneratorComparing the Top 5 AI Selfie Generators, Which is the Best?

Now that we have seen and explained each product, let us see how these five match up in terms of pricing, features, and overall user ratings from various platforms. It will surely narrow down your choices to see which is the best fit for you.




User Ratings



  • Extensive library of AI filters
  • Advanced photo enhancement tools
  • Unique photo to illustrations AI
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Available on all platforms and devices




  • Offers a lot of free features
  • Good prompt AI generation tools




  • A lot of free AI presets
  • Trusted by known companies




  • Photo editing tools
  • Versatile AI selfie generation




  • Unique AI tools
  • Low learning curve


Although all of these products have their pros and cons as well as unique features that define them, there is one that stands out among the five. insMind is not only the cheapest option but it also has the most features that fit all of our needs, may it be simple or complex. It is also trusted by their users as they provide the best quality of service.

How to Generate Selfie with the Best AI

This is going to be a step-by-step guide to help you generate your FIRST selfie using the BEST AI selfie generator, insMind.

STEP 1: Open insMind

Open insMind on a browser and log in to your account. If you have not registered, you may easily sign up using your email.

 STEP 2: Upload your photo

Click the "Upload a photo" button and choose the photo you want to enhance or apply a filter on, this can be from your device. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your photo directly into the upload area, and insMind will open it automatically.

best ai selfie generator upload a photoSTEP 3: Select your Filter

You can now choose from the many filter options insMind has prepared for you, it can either be to turn yourself into a cartoon or to make your photo into a watercolor painting.

barbie ai selfie generatorSTEP 4: Apply and Download

After you have chosen the filter and edited it to your liking, you can now apply the changes you made to your selfie and download the image to your device. The application gives you the choice of which format(JPG, PNG) you want it to be downloaded in as well as the quality of the photo (Best, High, Low).

free ai selfie generator downloadThere you have it, your very first AI-generated selfie with the help of insMind AI. We hope this is only the beginning as there are still so many more filters and effects to try out.

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FAQs about AI Selfie Generator

What is an AI Selfie Generator?

An AI Selfie Generator is a tool that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to modify regular images or selfies into different styles and themes like cartoons, anime, or professional photos. It can also create images from scratch that can further enhance your photos to make it more eye-catching and unique to your personality and taste.

Is there a free AI Selfie Generator?

Yes, insMind is a free AI Selfie Generator that gives its users a lot of creative freedom when it comes to editing their photos as well as having a lot of different filters and themes that you can try out.

Which is the best AI Selfie Generator?

The current best AI Selfie Generator is insMind. It not only has the best features it also is the cheapest among its competitors making it the true bang for your buck purchase. However, its free features also already cover a lot of ground making it a truly free software for anyone to use for their AI generation needs. 


Artificial intelligence has been shaping our world more and more with each passing day, and the introduction of AI selfie generators has completely changed how people express themselves on social media. These tools provide an insight into artificial intelligence, ranging from amusing cartoon filters to professional headshots for your resume. Among the leading competitors, insMind stands out as a shining example of price, features, and user satisfaction. Because of its wide range of features and user-friendly interface, insMind is the best option for both beginners and experts. Why then wait? Explore the world of AI creativity with insMind, your doorway to effortless transformation and limitless exploration, to help you realize the full potential of your selfies. Give it a try right now to explore a whole new realm of self-expression.

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