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Discover the Top 10 Free AI-powered Midjourney Alternatives in 2024

Midjourney is a renowned premium AI art generator that people know and love. But the thing about Midjourney is that it comes with a significant cost, which a lot of users may find unaffordable. But with this fast-paced world, innovation continuously provides exceptional Midjourney alternatives; the best part is that they are free! No more monthly payments, hello lifelong usage of premium photo editing software. Today, we will discuss the top 10 best Midjourney alternatives for free online!

Part 1. Top 10 Free Midjourney Alternatives

1. insMind

insMind is the best tool for any of your photo editing needs. From simple photo enhancements to generating AI art, insMind has your back! insMind is known for its impeccable AI generation and photo editing variations. With a wide variety of features, insMind knows no bounds, especially regarding AI generation magic. 

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insMind - midjourney alternatives


  • Advanced AI Filters- insMind offers a wide range of advanced AI filters that users will love. With these filters, users can freely customize their image to however they want it to be. 
  • Accurate AI Image Enhancer- Say goodbye to blurry and unclear photos because insMind is here to help. insMind offers an accurate AI image enhancer that clears your image from any errors while keeping HD quality clear. 
  • AI Image Expander- insMind also has a feature that expands your canvas effortlessly that a naked eye cannot detect. insMind offers this feature without having to disrupt anything from the original photo.
  • User-Friendly Interfaces- insMind has a user-friendly interface that is great for everyone to try. insMind understands the struggle of editing a photo for hours on end. But now, you don't have to be a professional to have great images, with insMind, everything is possible.
  • HD Outputs- With everything insMind offers, they ensure that your photos are in top shape before and after you edit them. Some editing software tends to ruin the image’s quality after editing it, but you don't have to worry about that with insMind!

2. Craiyon

Craiyon, also commonly known as DALL•E mini, is an AI model that generates pictures from text prompts. It is known for its user-friendly interface, which makes it easier for users to navigate through the site. It is great for users who aren't too familiar with AI generation, with its simple prompts.

Craiyon - free midjourney alternativePros:

  • Text to Image Generator FeatureCraiyon is known for its interface's simplicity. With the help of text to image AI generation, Craiyon can cater to pretty much anything users can describe.
  • Ad-Free Experience- Craiyon offers an ad-free experience for all its users, making the site well-suited for new users.


  • Limited Professional Actions- Craiyon's AI photo generation may not be as clean or as accurate as users want it to be. Its photo generation does not meet professional quality photos.
  • Lack of Advanced Features- Craiyon's simple interface also lacks advanced features that would hinder the user's creativity and personalization.

3. Freepik Pikaso

Freepik Pikaso is another AI-generated art editing tool that allows users to create sketches and edit them in real-time. This tool is popular among artists as it generates high-quality images based on personalized user input, which is basically an easy and free solution for their art. Pikaso gives users an interactive and creative experience by generating images from sketches. 

Freepik Pikaso - free alternatives to midjourneyPros:

  • Real-Time AI Editing- Freepik Pikaso offers real-time editing, which gives users instant feedback on the editing process and is also time-efficient.
  • Ad-Free- Freepik Pikaso offers an ad-free experience for its users. Ads tend to disrupt the user's experience, which could also affect their overall productivity. 


  • Usage Limit- Although Freepik Pikaso has these features, the free plan allows users to edit only 20 images per day, which can affect user efficiency and productivity.
  • Inconsistent Results- Freepik Pikaso has had instances where its results vary and come off as inconsistent. Users have mentioned that some results are not as pleasing as they wish they were.


4. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer offers high-quality graphics and social media posts. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, it offers a wide range of tools well-suited for users who prefer creating professional and polished visuals. Its integration with the other Microsoft 365 tools makes it an efficient choice for users who are just starting out in the AI photo editing world.

Microsoft Designer - best midjourney alternativePros:

  • Wide Tools Selection- Microsoft Designer offers users a wide range of tools to explore.
  • Integration- Since Microsoft Designer is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, users can integrate this tool using other Microsoft tools, which is efficient.


  • Needs an Existing Microsoft Account- Users can only use the Microsoft Designer if they already have an existing Microsoft Account and already availed with the Microsoft 360 suite.
  • Limited Customization- When choosing a template, there are certain features that you are restricted to use for specific templates. This restricts customization and creativity.

5. Playground AI

Playground Al is an online tool for creating Al images that can be used for anything from creating generated art to making social media posts. Because of its adaptability and simplicity, users searching for free Al tools frequently choose it. Playground Al's smooth, ad-free user interface increases its allure for people who appreciate a flawless creative procedure. 

Playground AI - midjourney ai free alternativePros:

  • Ad-Free Experience- Users can enjoy Playground AI seamlessly as this tool does not have ads which can boost the user's productivity.
  • Versatile Features- Playground AI offers a wide variety of features to choose from, promoting a versatile user experience. Users can freely customize what they desire on the tool.


  • Freemium Model- Playground AI restricts users to editing using the advanced features for those features that require a subscription.
  • Limited Daily Usage- The free version of Playground AI only allows users a limited number of projects to edit, making it hard for the user's productivity.

6. DreamStudio

Driven by Stable Diffusion XL, DreamStudio produces excellent text-to-image and image-to-image conversions. It also supports sophisticated features like layers and intricate editing and produces high-caliber outputs. 

DreamStudio - midjourney alternativesPros:

  • High-Quality Projects- DreamStudio ensures that every project is in tip-top shape before users download it.
  • Support for Layers- With DreamStudio's features, users can create complex projects allowing user customization.


  • Freemium Wall- Although DreamStudio offers these great features, only a few are free, while most advanced features are locked behind a paywall.
  • Limited Free Usage- DreamStudio only allows users a limited number of projects daily, disrupting their productivity.

7. Leonardo.AI

Leonardo. Ai provides a modern and responsive Ul to create great designs and pictures quickly. It has advanced features such as Prompt Magic V3, which generates high-quality graphics based on particular prompts. Leonardo. Ai is appropriate for consumers who require professional-quality photographs and prefer a simple, user-friendly interface.

Leonardo.AI - free midjourney alternativePros:

  • Prompt Magic V3- Leonardo. AI offers this advanced feature, which generates high-quality images and responses with specific prompts that users find reliable.
  • User-Friendly Interface- Leonardo.AI offers a user-friendly interface. So you don't have to be a pro for you to know how to navigate through this tool


  • Daily Limit- Leonardo.AI restricts free plan users to a daily limit to make projects. This disrupts the user's productivity and it would be time-consuming as well.
  • Premium Features Need Payment- Leonardo.AI only unlocks the advanced features for paying users. This is not for users who value affordability.

8. Recraft AI

Recraft Al produces high-quality graphics, vector art, photos, and more. It is a flexible toolkit with features like color adjustment, image vectorization, and background removal. Recraft AI also permits users to use their photos in a commercial setting, making it great for businesses and professionals.

Recraft AI - free alternatives to midjourneyPros:

  • Versatile Features- Recraft AI has features like background remover, color control, and image vectorizer, which gives this tool a versatile user experience. 
  • Commercial Usage- Recraft AI allows users to use their generated images in a commercial setting. This means that professionals and typical users may post these for the public.


  • Usage Tracking- Recraft AI limits free users to unlimited usage for the free plan by only allowing them to have a number of usage credits. The downside is that there is no way for users to know how many credits they have left, making it difficult to manage their credits efficiently before they run out.
  • Freemium Model- Recraft AI also allows users to have limited features, as payment is already required to use the advanced features.

9. Bing Image Generator

Bing Image Generator, integrated by Bing, is a tool that generates high-quality images based on simple text prompts. It offers a wide variety of features that users love. Bing Image Creator is best for people who need a reliable and free tool to generate detailed and refined images. 

Bing Image Generator - best midjourney alternativePros:

  • High-Quality Projects- Bing Image Generator ensures that your projects come out in the same quality they came.
  • Unlimited Usage- Bing Image Generator offers unlimited usage for its features, even after daily credits are used up.


  • Performance Issues- Bing Image Generator's downside is that this tool sometimes causes users to experience lags, which delays their productivity and efficiency.
  • Requires an Existing Microsoft Account- Bing Image Generator is integrated with Bing, so users need to be logged in with their existing Microsoft account to use this tool. 

10. A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI

A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI is a powerful AI generation tool known for its advanced image processing features. Users can perform inpainting, outpainting, and upscaling, which is perfect for catering to all their creative ideas. This AI tool is great for users who wish to delve deeper into AI-driven image editing and creation.

Diffusion - midjourney ai free alternativePros:

  • Advanced Features- As mentioned, the A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI can perform inpainting, outpainting, and upscaling giving users the freedom to create detailed and intricate image modifications.
  • User-Friendly Experience- A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate by an average user. 


  • Steeper Learning Curve- Since A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI offers more detailed features to its users, it would be very hard for beginners to understand and use these features, as they are for a more advanced level of photo editing.
  • Resource Intensive- Installing A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI requires a high-performance GPU and substantial amounts of RAM to function properly. The average computer, which most users have, may not be able to enjoy A1111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI to its fullest potential, and could also be frustrating.

Part 2. Comparing the Top 10 MidjourneyAlternative





User Ratings

insMind AI


  • Free
  • $6.99/month


  • AI image generator
  • AI image expander
  • Extensive library of AI filters
  • Unique Photo to Illustrations AI     
  • Available on all platforms and devices





  • Free
  • $20/month


  • Text-to-image generation


Freepik Pikaso

  • Free
  • $16/month


  • Real-time AI editing



Microsoft Designer


  • Free


  • Graphic design tools 
  • Live preview
  • Color picker


Playground AI

  • Free
  • $12/month



  • Versatile image creation tools



  • Free
  • $1.18/100 generation credits



  • Text-to-image
  • Image-to-image generation



  • Free
  • $24/month


  • Prompt Magic V3
  • Low-quality Image generation


Recraft AI


  • Free
  • $20/month
  • Background remover
  • Color control
  • Image vectorizer    


Bing Image Creator


  • Free


  • Low-quality text-to-image generation


A1111 stable Diffusion WEB UI

  • Open Source 


  • Inpainting
  • Outpainting
  • Upscaling



Because of its extensive feature set, which is available for free, insMind is the greatest option out of all of these. Its AI filters, image expander, and enhancer provide results that are free of charge and professional quality. All users can access insMind since, unlike many other solutions that operate on a freemium basis, it offers all of its advanced capabilities without requiring a subscription. Its user-friendly interface and high-performance rating further make it a popular choice for novices and experts.

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Part 3. Why Should You Replace Midjourney

Any option can provide users with high-quality AI-generated photographs at a significantly lower cost when substituting Midjourney. For all its fame and power, Midjourney entails substantial costs that some people may be unable to afford. Without breaking the bank, the suggested options provide a strong feature set that meets various creative demands. With insMind, customers may generate beautiful visualizations without worrying about monthly payments because it allows for a robust and free solution. People can use cutting-edge AI tools and unleash their creative potential without worrying about money by moving to insMind or another free substitute.

Part 4. FAQs about Finding Midjourney Alternative

Is there a free alternative to Midjourney?

Yes, there are many free alternatives to Midjourney, but it is important to use the most reliable tool. insMind offers a range of features to generate and enhance your AI art. It is currently the best AI generation and photo editing tool online. And the best part? It's free!

Is there anything as good as Midjourney?

While we all know to love Midjourney for its high-quality output, there are still tools that would be on the same level as Midjourney. For instance, insMind offers comparable features and performance to Midjourney. This tool provides high-quality images and advanced features that users love.

Is Midjourney no longer free?

No, Midjourney is a premium service that requires a subscription to access its advanced features. Some tools offer a free plan, but Midjourney sadly does not.


As a result, even though Midjourney is an effective AI art generator, many users may find it prohibitively expensive. Several superb free substitutes are accessible, providing similar functionality and features. All of these are free of charge, but insMind stands out for having a user-friendly design and a large selection of high-quality tools. To benefit from a top-notch AI art generator without worrying about paying for it, we invite users to try insMind. With insMind, you can start producing gorgeous AI-generated photographs right away!

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