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The Ultimate Guide to AI Photo Trend for Social Media

Artificial intelligence has started to change how we take and edit photos, leading to a new social media trend. This AI photo trend uses innovative computer programs to improve and even create images in ways we couldn't imagine before. A crucial part of this trend is making advanced AI editing tools available to everyone, where you can now do everything right on your smartphone.

In this regard, we will explain everything about this innovative trend on various platforms. We will even introduce you to the most trending AI photo app for using these creative filters. If you are intrigued by it, you can try it for free right now.

Part 1. What is the AI Photo Trend?

The AI photo trend is a significant shift in the world of photography, thanks to advanced computer technology. By utilizing it, anyone can quickly improve their pictures without requiring professional skills. Particularly, AI tools can automatically adjust lighting and color contrast to make photos look better. Besides, they can remove unwanted objects and add artistic filters to turn regular pictures into creative works of art.

Moreover, you can use technology like Generative Adversarial Networks, where AI makes imaginative pictures from scratch. This trend is not only popular with individuals but also in various industries, where AI-generated photos are used to create eye-catching content.

Currently, the most popular AI photo trends on social media include:

  • AI yearbooks
  • AI avatars
  • AI headshots
  • AI selfies

trending photo aiPart 2. What is the Best Trending AI Photo App?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to look for some tools that allow you to use these innovative filters with versatility. To make this quest easier for you, we will share the complete guide about the trending photo AI tool, insMind, that you can access anywhere and anytime. Notably, you can find almost all trending AI filters on this tool and apply them to your pictures instantly.

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For instance, it lets you turn your photos into an anime or comic character in a single click. Besides, it enables you to perform further customizations to the image after applying your desired AI filter. Other than this, you can expect much more with this tool through its powerful and optimized AI technology.

trending ai photo app

Key Features

  • AI Image Expander: This tool uses cutting-edge AI technology to expand your images to your desired dimensions. In this way, you can put more details on your picture and can use it for various platforms.
  • AI Image Enhancer: Another great feature of insMind is its capability to enhance the quality of images. This can boost your e-commerce sales and even breathe life into your old photos, improving their texture and sharpness.
  • Smart Resize: Here is another ideal feature of this tool for those looking to share their images across various platforms. With this feature, you can easily adjust the size and aspect ratio of your edited images to fit different social media requirements.
  • AI Filter: Using this artistic AI feature, you can transform your pictures into stunning computer graphics versions. Also, it gives you the ability to turn your photos into sketches and line drawings without requiring any effort.
  • AI Replace: This unique feature allows you to remove any unwanted object from your photo and replace it with something else. Besides, you can even beautify landscape photography by modifying the sky to look as you want.

Part 3. How to Do the AI Photo Trend on Instagram?

Evidently, there's a hot trend on Instagram these days that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to spice up content creation. It involves using AI tools and features to make eye-catching posts that stand out. Particularly, the most popular aspect of this trend is creating artistic and imaginative AI selfies to transform them into various styles like cartoons or paintings.

Moreover, there's an innovative AI yearbook photo trend on Instagram that lets you create a collage of your photos to show you how you would look in different decades. Besides, AI selfies are also trending, where you can turn your photos into digital art pieces using AI filters, like insMind.

Furthermore, Instagrammers are now using AI apps to generate avatars that represent their looks in artistic styles. Check out the guide below to learn how to use insMind's AI filters for this purpose:

Step 1. Upload the Picture to the AI Filter Tool

First of all, access the insMind's official website and reach the editing interface of the AI filter tool. There, click the "Upload a photo" button to add the picture you want to post to your Instagram account using this tool.

try the AI filters

instagram ai photo trend upload a photoStep 2. Choose the AI Filter and Initiate

Afterward, select your desired AI filter from the available list that you want to turn your Instagram picture into. Once selected, hit the "Start" button to begin the AI photo conversion process.

how to do the ai photo trend 

Step 3. Download and Share it on Instagram

Now, you can perform further edits to your Instagram picture using the various editing tools and functionalities available, such as changing the background color of your Instagram story. What's more? There is a smart resize feature to help you generate the perfect size for Instagram. Simply click the "Resize" option on the right corner of the tool and choose the size you need, and insMind will adjust the size of the photo easily.

instagram ai photo trend

Finally, tap the "Download" button at the top-right corner and hit "Download" again after choosing the preferred settings for it.

how to do the ai photo trend - download photo

Part 4. How to Do the AI Photo Trend on Facebook?

Facebook's AI trend is following a similar vein to Instagram but with some key differences. Here, the focus is more on using AI to enhance existing photos rather than creating entirely new ones. Several AI tools, like insMind, are being used to improve the color vibrancy and overall aesthetics of existing pictures.

Facebook's AI photo trend facilitates those who want a fun and unique way to share their photos without needing any editing skills. All in all, the trend on this social media platform is about making the user experience more visually appealing and safer through the power of AI.

Part 5. How to Do the AI Photo Trend on TikTok?

Unlike other platforms, TikTok's focus isn't on single or polished AI edits; rather it's about the journey and the unexpected results. Here, the trend utilizes external AI image generators that allow users to upload their photos to create fantastical scenarios through AI. For example, you can place yourself in a historical setting or even turn yourself into different objects.

Besides, the TikTok AI photo trend brings an Expanding feature for photos, just like insMind, where the pictures are extended using AI algorithms. The results can be hilarious or strangely beautiful, but they are always engaging and perfect for the trend-driven nature of this platform.

Part 6. FAQs about AI Photo Trends?

Now that you know almost everything about the AI photo trend, let's make it even crystal more straightforward for you. Check out this section, which provides you with some of the commonly asked questions and their relevant answers.

Q1. What is the current AI photo trend?

The current trend of AI photo technology implements the use of AI-powered editing tools, like insMind, for creating computer-generated artistic pictures. Particularly, these trends include AI yearbooks, AI avatars, AI headshots, AI selfies, and more, making your online presence stand out.

Q2. What is the best AI photo trend app?

Without any doubt, you can rely on insMind as the best trending AI photo app featuring many advanced image editing capabilities. Using its AI filters, you can play a part in those trends and effortlessly turn your photos into creative artwork.

Q3. What is the AI yearbook photo trend?

The AI yearbook photo trend involves using AI-powered apps to transform regular photos into stylized yearbook portraits. These apps apply filters and effects to create a classic yearbook appearance, complete with old-school hairstyles and outfits.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence has made its journey way beyond our imagination by incorporating itself into almost every aspect of our lives. Essentially, the latest AI photo trend on multiple social media platforms is spreading like fire nowadays. In this regard, this guide has explained to you all about this trend and how you can utilize it for Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Moreover, we have introduced an amazing and trending AI photo app, insMind, that can help you with this trend through its powerful AI filters. Try the tool immediately and become a part of this trend to be creative.