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How to Turn Photo into Sketch Online in 2024

Converting a photo to sketch is not only entertaining but in this era of the internet and online tools, it has become very easy. From posting a basic update on a social networking site to finding a unique and creative gift for a family member or friend, photo sketch makers are the most popular tools for anyone.

Here, you will learn what Photo Sketch Makers are, you will learn mostly the unique features of the insMind Image to Sketch Converter and the detailed steps on how to perform photo to sketch for free.

Part 1. What Is a Photo Sketch Maker?

A photo sketch maker is a professional tool that you can use to turn your normal photograph into sketch or drawings. These tools use many different filters and algorithms that make your photos look like doodle illustrations.

With the help of such a tool, you can easily transform any picture into high-quality artwork that anyone can consider as an artistic drawing. This is excellent for creating art items, enhancing the content of your profiles, or for other purposes, you like to utilize your images.

Part 2. Key features of insMind Photo to Drawing Converter

insMind Image to Sketch Converter allows you to convert your photo to whatever theme you want. It has multiple features, and the top ones are discussed below:

· AI Image to Sketch Filter

Screenshot demonstrating the AI Image to Sketch Filter 

Arguably the most outstanding aspect of the insMind Photo to Sketch Converter is the AI Image to Sketch filter. This powerful filter applies sophisticated AI algorithms to provide the most accurate conversion of your pictures to sketches. The main features in your picture including the edges, contrasting, and texture information are then used by the AI as a base to work and produce a realistic and high-quality sketch.

The outcome is rather a new picture that resembles the given photo but with the feeling of being hand-drawn. No matter the type of image you are drawing like portrait, landscape, or any other kind of image this filter makes your sketch look as professional as possible.

· Pencil Sketch Your Photo with AI

Screenshot showing the process of converting a photo into a pencil sketch using AI 

For those who like minimalist things and the old-school style of pencil sketches, the Pencil Sketch tool will delight you. This tool imitates the pencil work with AI assistance like the strokes and the shades that pencil work normally offers to the new photos that you want to improve.

The Pencil Sketch feature is great for giving your photos a new twist. The use of AI makes the sketches very realistic and captures as many minute details as possible like the lines and shades that one gets in a pencil drawing.

· 20+ AI Effects & Filters to Choose From

Screenshot showcasing a selection of over 20 AI effects and filters

These effects include but are not limited to, various sketch styles that can be applied for drawing using oil paint and ink among others, and different artistic filters that enhance the picture by adding different colors and fabulous texture to the resulting images.

There are many choices available therefore you can discover various styles that suit the picture that you want to submit.

Part 3. How to Turn a Photo into a Sketch for Free

Are you looking for how to turn a photo into a sketch for free? The insMind Photo to Sketch tool is the right pick for you since it is very easy and free to use for such conversions. Here is our detailed guide on how to use this tool.

Step 1. Access Image to Sketch Converter Tool in insMind

Step 2. Upload your Photo

Step 3. Choose Filter to Convert Photo to Sketch

Step 4. Downloading the Final Image

Step 1: Access Image to Sketch Converter Tool in insMind

Screenshot showing how to access the Image to Sketch Converter Tool in the insMind interface 

First of all, you will open the insMind website on any of your devices and open the Photo to Sketch tool. You may click here to access this tool directly.

Step 2: Upload your Photo

Screenshot demonstrating the process of uploading a photo for the Image to Sketch Converter Tool 

Next, you need to upload your photo to insMind. For this, you may drag the image from its folder and drop it into the insMind interface or click the Upload a photo button to manually select the image.

Step 3: Choose Filter to Convert Photo to Sketch

Screenshot showing the process of converting a photo to a sketch using the insMind tool 

After your photo finishes uploading you will click AI Filter from the right-side menu to access multiple options to convert your photo to a sketch. Click any filter to select it and click Start then wait as the sketch of your photo is generated with the AI filter you picked.

Step 4: Downloading the Final Image

Screenshot showing the option to download the final edited image 

Finally, when you are satisfied with the edits you may click Download from the top right and select your desired downloading settings. That way you can save the newly created image on your device.

Part 4. More Than Just a Photo Sketch Maker

The insMind Convert Photo to Sketch is not only a tool that you can use to turn photos into sketches as it has many other features and functionalities. It can help you transform your photos in many other ways as discussed below:

Screenshot showcasing the insMind tool's additional features beyond creating photo sketches 

· Photo to Cartoon

Ever wished to see yourself or some of your friends as cartoon characters? This becomes possible with the help of the InsMind Photo to Sketch Converter through the Photo to Cartoon option. It is a great tool that employs common artificial intelligence to help turn your photos into anime or cartoon-like, colorful, and fun pictures.

The AI carefully erases or changes features, colors, and any of its expressions to come up with what can be referred to as cartoonish and yet familiar. This feature alone is great if you want to create funny avatars, profile pictures, or anything that you want to do with your photos.

· Photo to Watercolor

For those who love painting with watercolor, the insMind Photo to Sketch Converter has a unique Photo to Watercolor option. This tool imitates the weak, smoother strokes of brush and numerous layering as in the watercolor paintings and changes your photo to a watercolor painting.

The AI usage ensures the right balance of colors and textures so that they are like watercolor paintings with many of the traditional techniques. Whether you use it on a natural scenery or a subject's portrait, the watercolor effect makes the photo look more like an artwork.

· Photo to Painting

If you are in the mood for more of a classical art appearance Photo to Painting is the option to opt for. The following tool is truly remarkable as it transforms your photos into paintings that would have otherwise been drawn by a master painter.

The AI adds several painting types to the images such as oil painting, impressionism, and many others. It takes the original image and redraws it from scratch with brushes and colors and the textures of the classic paintings.


Editing your photo to make it look like a sketch is very easy these days due to the availability of the tools online. For the insMind Photo to Sketch Converter that exists in the market, the process is relatively easy to be done in the easiest and fastest way whether the user is an artist or a complete newcomer in sketch making.

As a result, following all the steps discussed above, you will be able to make beautiful sketches in a relatively short time. Well, why not, and give it a try to see what can be done to the potential to have all your photos made into a piece of art with insMind?