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How to Add Logo to Photos Online for Free [The Simplest Method]

Ever uploaded a picture, only to realize it is missing that extra flair - your logo? Logos are an essential trademark in business. It shields your content from any form of utilization without your permission. Besides, it publicizes your identity each time your photograph is used. It also builds up traffic on the site since viewers can easily find the source of the picture. 

However, captured the best picture but forgot to protect it with your brand logo? Don't worry! Thankfully, it is less complicated than one might imagine. 

Here, meet insMind- the ultimate go-to online application to add logos to photos for free! Let us take you through a complete guide on easily adding that professional look to your images.

Part 1. How to Add Logo to Photo Online Free

Whether your pictures need a touch-up or advanced editing - insMind has you covered! It is a free online photo editor that offers AI-powered editing tools. The simple interface is easy for novices and professionals. With just a few clicks, completely revamp your photos for free!

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The editing palette has all the tools to transform your photos. And in case you still need to brand your images with logos, insMind has it sorted as well. Easily reinforce your brand identity in your articles. 

Step By Step Guide to Add Logo to Photos for Free Online:

Follow these steps to see how to add a logo to photos for free online:

Step 1. Open the insMind online application on your PC. Click 'Try it for Free' in the top left corner of the screen. Sign in to your account to begin.

how to add logo to photo try it free

Step 2. Now, click 'Original Image' to select and upload an image from a local destination on your PC. Your image will open in a new window. 

how to add logo to photo upload photo

Step 3. Click the 'Upload' button from the editing panel on the left side. From the pop-up window, choose your logo from a folder on your PC.

upload logo to photo

Step 4. Next, drag and drop your logo onto your main image. Move and place it anywhere over your original image. You can use this tool to customize your logo easily, for example:

  • Adjust the borders to resize the image. 
  • Click Crop on the left side to cut unnecessary image portions.  
  • Click Mask and select a shape to add a border to your logo. 
  • Select Effects and add 'lines' or 'shadows' to the icon.
  • Move the Opacity slider to alter the transparency of the logo.

customize logo to photo

Step 5. Once the logo is perfectly added to your photo, save it. Click the 'Download' button on the top left corner. Choose the 'Format' and 'Quality' and click 'Download'. 

download photo with logo

And that's about it. insMind is a one-stop solution for all photo editing needs. It covers all the essentials of inserting a logo into your images.

Part 2. Why Should You Add Logo to Photos?

We have sorted the problem of adding a logo to photos. But do we need it? Adding a logo to your pictures is a great way to elevate your visuals. Here are all the reasons why adding a personal icon to pictures is so important.

Brand Recognition:

Placing your logo as a watermark to images is one way of ensuring enhanced brand visibility. This makes it possible for the target audience to identify your content, irrespective of the platform in which it is placed.


The most obvious advantage of a logo is that it eliminates the raw appearance of the photos and imparts a professional look to them. This is particularly important to create trust with your audience.

Secure Pictures:

If you tag your photos with a logo, it becomes difficult for others to misuse them. It functions as a watermark; therefore, anyone who comes across the content will know it belongs to you. To secure pictures, you can also add a watermark to photos.


Personalized icons on photos are a form of passive advertising. It is a powerful tool for brand recall. Every time somebody sees it, they are reminded of your business. This proportionately increases website traffic

Adding a logo to your pictures is easy and one of the best strategies to popularize your business. It significantly preserves ownership, and articles look reputable.

Part 3. More Introduction of the Best Tool to Add Logo to Photos

The availability of many choices makes it confusing when deciding which app to choose. Nonetheless, the best tool for adding a logo to the photos is none other than- insMind. The program is equally suitable for basic and advanced editing.  

Try insMInd for free

Here are all the reasons why you should try it, too:

insMind is Free!

insMind is a photo editor that wouldn't even pinch you for a dollar! The application is free to use without limitations and restrictions, meaning full access to all the tools. Here is your chance to edit your photos online for free!

Online Mode:

The InsMind software works on any browser and requires no additional software. You don't have to download the app; an internet connection is all you need. Just launch it in the browser and start working. What stands out about insMind is its high performance, which allows for seamless operations and is free from delays. Enjoy fast and reliable results with it.

AI-powered Tools:

The tools in insMind include AI-enabled applications that will enhance your images selectively and without much effort. It gives a professional touch to the pictures, raising the quality of the look. From background erasers to object cutters and every in-between, you can be sure that AI will help you in no time.

AI Photo Filters:

To make photo selection as easy as ABC, insMind provides plenty of filters to beautify your images with a single touch. Apply these filters and give your photos a retro feeling or make them look edgy and trendy. Find out how to enhance the appearance of your pictures with insMind!

The editing tools of insMind are complete and have basic and enhanced features for cropping, resizing, sharpening, and much more. There is nothing that you will miss with insMind as your go-to editor.

Part 4. FAQs about Adding Logo to Photo

Can I add my logo to the photos?

Yes. Logos or personalized icons can be added to photos with various photo editing apps. insMind is a free, open-source application allowing you to add logos for free.

How can I put my logo on my pictures?

To add a logo to your pictures, try insMind for free. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

  • Open insMind and upload your original image. 
  • Click Upload and select your logo from your PC.
  • Drag and drop the logo onto the image. Adjust the dimensions and picture properties.
  • Click Download to save the image to a local folder on your PC.

Is it free to add a logo to the photo?

A lot of photo editors charge for adding a logo to a photo. Try insMind, which offers basic and advanced editing tools for absolutely free! Open the webpage on a browser and start editing for free.


And it's a wrap! InsMind photo editor has been designed to add logos on photos for free. It possesses a simple and user-friendly interface. Anyone who has never used photo editing software would easily navigate the software. Whether minor retouches or deeper alterations, insMind allows you to create professional images.

If you want to add logos to branding your business images or sharpen the nuances, there is hardly any better choice than insMind. It is one of the best applications that offers almost all the features you need for a perfect photo editor. Give it a shot and prove how simple it is to redo your pictures!

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