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Unleashing Creativity: Learn How to Turn Photo into 3D Model

Ryan Barnett · July 2, 2024


As technology keeps growing, it helps us create interactive experiences that we can use in many areas, like virtual reality. Among several such approaches, turning 2D photos into 3D models has now become increasingly important. Essentially, its worth is unimaginable as it makes digital content more realistic and engaging, boosting our online growth.

For instance, 3D visuals allow your customers to see products from all angles, which gives them a satisfying online buying experience. Besides, architects and designers can use three-dimensional models to better visualize their complicated projects. Thus, this guide will provide you with the best online software to turn photo into 3D model for free.

Table of Contents

  1. 01 What is a 3D Photo Model Maker
  2. 02 The Best AI Tool to Turn Photo into 3D Model
  3. 03 How to Turn a Photo into a 3D Model with AI
  4. 04 More AI Filters You Can Get

Part 1. What is a 3D Photo Model Maker

A 3D Photo Model Maker is a software or application that effortlessly turns photos into 3D models. These tools utilize advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze the depth and perspective of images to construct realistic 3D representations. This technology allows users to create detailed and interactive 3D visuals from simple photos, making it accessible to individuals without specialized knowledge in graphic design.

In particular, the applications of these kinds of model makers range from enhancing online shopping experiences with 3D product views to creating immersive virtual reality environments. Moreover, it works great for industries like architecture, where they need accurate 3D visualizations of buildings. Thus, converting 2D images into 3D models can open up new possibilities for creativity.

turn a photo into 3d model

Part 2. The Best AI Tool to Turn Photo into 3D Model

In the previous section, we talked in general about what a 3D model maker is, which can turn a photo into a 3D model. Now, let's focus on the best AI-powered tool you can get for this purpose without any cost. Here comes the insMind photo editor, which offers many different types of AI filters along with the ability to transform your photos into a 3D visual.

All you need to do is just upload the relevant picture, and the tool can convert it into a 3D model with a single click. It even allows you to perform further edits when you are done with applying the AI filter to give you a flexible experience. Besides, you can even apply several other AI filters other than 3D to avail yourself of further creative options.

Part 3. How to Turn a Photo into a 3D Model with AI

After going through the brief overview of this AI photo editor, let's talk about how you can use this tool for this purpose. Interestingly, you don't require any expertise or advanced training to turn a photo into a 3D version using insMind.

You can select any AI filter with just a click, and the tool will automatically apply it with flawless transformation. Here's how you can perform this photo conversion via this AI filter tool:

Step 1. Access AI Filter from insMind Website

Open the official website of this 3D model maker and reach its homepage. There, go to the "Free Tools" drop-down menu and select "AI Filters" from the available options. Afterward, you will be directed to another window where you can add the photo you want to transform into a 3D visual. Simply click the "Upload a photo" button and choose your desired picture to upload.

3D photo filter

Step 2. Apply the 3D AI Filter

Now, you will reach the editing interface of this tool with several AI filters displayed on its right panel. From there, select the 3D AI filter and hit the "Start" button to convert your photo into a 3D model.

Step 4. Save the 3D Transformed Photo

You can now perform further edits to your transformed 3D picture through other AI-powered tools. Once you are done with all required changes, simply click the "Download" button above, set preferences, and then hit the next "Download" button to save it to your device.

Part 4. What More AI Filters You Can Get Using insMind

Turning your pictures into 3D models is not the only thing you can achieve with this powerful photo editor. Other than that, it also features several other AI filters that can take your photography creativity to the maximum level. Let's have a look at some of those AI filters that this software offers besides 3D transformation:

1. Photo to Sketch: 

This filter converts photos into hand-drawn style sketches by emphasizing lines to replicate the look of pencil or charcoal drawings. It enhances edges and simplifies details, giving the image an artistic feel reminiscent of traditional sketching techniques. Thus, the Sketch filter is ideal for portraits and landscapes, as it can turn everyday photos into stylized pencil artwork. Learn how to turn photos into Sketch step-by-step.

Sketch AI filter

2. Clay: 

The Clay filter transforms photos to resemble clay sculptures, giving a tangible and three-dimensional appearance to the image. Notably, it smooths out textures and adds a sense of depth, making the subjects look like they are molded from clay. So, if you want to give your pictures a handcrafted sculptural look, this AI filter is perfect for you.

3. Comic: 

Those who find it interesting to transform their photos into book-style illustrations with half-tone shading can use this filter. The prominent feature of Comic filter is emphasizing dramatic contrasts and creating graphic novel-like appearance of your photos. Great for creating fun and engaging visuals, this filter makes pictures look like frames from a comic strip.

4. Photo to Watercolor: 

insMind's watercolor AI filter mimics the look of watercolor paintings with soft edges and fluid color transitions. In particular, it blends colors and tones in a way that resembles brushstrokes, giving the image a painterly effect. Overall, this filter evokes a sense of calm and creativity by transforming photos into flowing works of art.

Watercolor AI filter

5. Photo to Oil Painting

Another great AI filter you can get in this online photo editor is Oil Painting, which replicates the texture and richness of traditional oil paintings with bold brushstrokes. It perfectly adds depth and dimensions to your photos by blending colors in a way that mimics the look of layered oil paint on canvas.

More filters with 3D photo model


In conclusion, transforming 2D photos into 3D models using AI filters is a revolutionary advancement that offers numerous benefits across various industries. That's why this guide has introduced you to the best 3D model maker to turn a photo into a 3D model without any cost. We have also shared with you a step-by-step guide to let you know how to perform this task with the minimum effort using insMind.

Moreover, this guide has shed light on some other AI filters you can try with this tool to take your creativity to the next level. Those who feel interested in these mind-blowing AI filters can try this online photo editing toolkit for free right away.

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