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Quick and Easy Way to Add White Border to Photo

Ryan Barnett · June 27, 2024

Nowadays, as we share most of the photos online for personal or professional purposes, how they look becomes important. In this regard, one of the practical approaches is to make photos look prominent by adding a white border around them. It creates a clean frame that makes the photo stand out by separating it from the cluttered background.

Moreover, these borders are also helpful in protecting the photo's edges when printing and handling, ensuring that no important details are cut off. So, this technique is not just about decoration, but it also improves the practicality of your pictures. This guide will share with you the perfect way to add a white border to a photo through a reliable photo editor.

Table of Contents

  1. Part 1.How to Add Border to Photos
  2. Part 2. What are the Benefits of Adding White Borders to Photo
  3. Part 3. You Can Do More than Adding White Borders to Photo
  4. Part 4. FAQs about Adding White Borders to Photo

Part 1. How to Add Border to Photos

For those wondering how they can add a white border to a photo without requiring much experience and effort, there's a perfect tool for this purpose. insMind is an all-in-one online photo editor offering several mind-blowing features, including the ability to manage borders around pictures. Conveniently, it presents users with a variety of outline effects to make their product images look stunning for market competition.

Not only can you add a border with insMind, but you can also customize it to a great extent to meet your specific requirements. For instance, it allows you to change the thickness of the border to your preferred level and even change the color of it from the flexible color palette. Besides, the tool gives users an option to add shadows to the images for further enhancement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add a White Borde to Photos

Go through this section to learn quick and straightforward steps about how to add a white border to a photo through the insMind photo editor.

Step 1. Try For Free and Login to Your Account

Open any browser and search for the official website of insMind to reach its homepage. There, tap on the "Try for free" button and enter the credentials to log in to your preferred account.


Try for free to add white border to photo

Step 2. Upload the Original Image

After that, you will be directed to the workspace window of this photo editor showing different categories and suggestions to initiate your project. From there, click the "Original Image" option from the "Classics" category and upload the relevant picture.

Upload photo to add white border

Step 3. Select White Outline from Effects

Now, the tool will lead you to its editing interface, where you can see several amazing editing features. Following this, click the "Effects" feature and then "Outline" from the upcoming options window to select the white border for your image. Learn more about this picture outline maker.

Add white border to photo

Alternatively, the tool allows you an option to add lines to your images wherever you want for further flexibility. For this, go to the "Add" tab from the left panel of the interface and select the "Line" shape that you can use on the image for outline.

Add white lines to photo 

Step 4. Download the White Bordered Image

Once you are done with adding the border and any required editing, you can now save your project. Simply tap the "Download" button displayed at the top-right corner and set the required preferences. Finally, hit the next "Download" button to save the transformed photo to your device.

Download photo with white border 


Part 2. What are the Benefits of Adding White Borders to Photo

Now that you have become familiar with this outstanding photo editing tool, let's proceed to the next part. We will now discuss the benefits and perks we can achieve when we add a white border to the photo.

  1. Enhanced Focus: Notably, the white border draws customers' attention directly to the photo, creating a clear visual separation from any distracting background elements. In this way, their gaze is centered on the main subject of the image and avoids useless surrounding details.
  2. Protection of Image Details: When printing photos, white borders prevent essential parts of the image from being cropped at the edges. In particular, it acts as a buffer zone, preserving the integrity and completeness of the photo's content.
  3. Professional Appearance: Undoubtedly, photos with white borders look more polished and refined, giving them a professional edge. This is important for photographers displaying their work in portfolios, as it elevates the presentation quality.
  4. Ease of Handling and Framing: Another great perk of these outline borders is that they provide a convenient margin for holding or framing photos without touching the main image area. It makes the photos more manageable to handle and reduces the risk of smudges on the picture itself.
  5. Improved Visual Balance: The approach of adding a white border to a photo can balance its visual weight, particularly if the image has dark or busy elements. In this regard, you can make your photo more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to view.

Part 3. You Can Do More than Adding White Borders to Photo

Throughout the article, we discussed how to add a white border to a photo using insMind and what positive impacts it makes on your pictures. However, this versatile and AI-powered photo editor also provides users with many other magical capabilities for free. Have a look at some of those additional features you can get from insMind:

  • AI Filters: This incredible tool features a variety of AI filters that can convert your photos into imaginative AI-generated textures. For example, it enables you to transform yourself into an animated character using its advanced AI processing.
  • AI Image Enhancer: Users can use this feature to easily improve the quality of their images, achieving clearer and sharper results. Specifically, this functionality aids in restoring old and blurry photos by adding detailed visuals.
  • AI-Generated Backgrounds: insMind makes it incredibly easy to change the background of your photos with its realistic AI capabilities. It offers a variety of AI-generated backgrounds tailored to the context of your images, allowing you to find the perfect match.
  • Magic Eraser: Another astonishing feature of this photo editor is the Magic Eraser, which allows users to instantly remove undesired objects. Additionally, you can use it to eliminate watermarks or logos from images for certain purposes.

Part 4. FAQs about Adding White Borders to Photo

Those who have gone through the whole article and are still having some thoughts regarding this topic can take a peek at this FAQs section covering common user queries.

1. Can I add a white border to a photo?

Yes, you can add a white border to a photo using various photo editing software like insMind. Other than the white border, you can also use this tool to add custom color outlines for a more engaging approach.

2. How do I add a white outline to the photo?

Here's how you can use insMind to add a white outline to your images:

  • Step 1. Log in with your account and upload the image to the tool's interface in its original form.
  • Step 2. Now, access the "Effects" feature and choose the "Outline" category to locate and add a white outline to your picture.

3. Is it free to add border to photo?

Fortunately, insMind is an online tool that offers all the unique photo editing features for free. So, you can use this tool to add a white border to a photo without worrying about your budget.


In short, adding an outline to your product images can enhance their visual appeal and make them stand out in competition. This comprehensive guide has provided you with the ultimate way to add a white border to a photo with the help of a user-friendly tool, insMind. We have also shared insights about the benefits of applying this editing technique to images.

Beyond just adding borders, this article has let you explore a variety of other powerful features that can further enhance your photo editing abilities. It would be better to try the tool by yourself and cherish its amazing AI-powered features.

Ryan Barnett

I'm a freelance writer with a passion for editing and designing photos. Here at insMind, I strive to educate users on image creativity, photography, and enhancing product photos to help grow their businesses.