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Learn How to Turn a Photo into Oil Painting with AI - Simplified Guide

Ryan Barnett · July 4, 2024


The rise of AI technology has given rise to new artists and influencers who strive to produce stunning photo pieces by using traditional oil painting filters. The oil painting medium gives vibrancy and versatility to the photos. Moreover, you can apply this filter to enhance the artistic style of your photos and expand your social media base. 

When you turn a photo into an oil painting, it makes your photo stand out more in the digital world. Furthermore, to do that, you need an app that turns photos into oil paintings with great accuracy. In this article, we'll discuss the best AI tool for converting pictures into masterpieces. 

Table of Contents

  1. 01 What is an Oil Painting Maker
  2. 02 What is the Best AI Tool to Turn Photos into Oil Paintings
  3. 03 How to Convert Photo into Oil Painting 
  4. 04 More AI Filters for Photos

Part 1. What is an Oil Painting Maker 

Having an oil painting maker is like having a magical art studio that can turn a schematic photo into a stunning oil painting. By using such advanced oil painting tools, you can recreate your pictures into a rich-textured and vibrant color painting. Moreover, the learning AI algorithm analyzes the photo and makes it feel like actual brushstrokes and layers of oil paint were applied to it.

That makes it popular among artists, photographers, influencers, and more. With just a few clicks, you can turn a photo into an oil painting that helps you gain attention from various platforms. You can also create personalized gifts and posts by bringing some creativity and expression to your digital lives. So, as an art lover, it is worth exploring an ideal oil painting maker that suits your needs.

turn photo into oil painting

Part 2. The Best AI Tool to Turn Photos to Oil Paintings

The perfect AI filter in the market right now is insMind, which can effortlessly turn a photo into an oil painting with a few clicks. If you have family photos, nostalgic memories, or marketing products, they can all be converted into extraordinary oil paintings. Moreover, this free AI converter tool can make realistic and natural-looking oil paintings for free.

Users can also add a hint of glamour shots to their photos to enhance the overall image. Not only does it support selfies and photos, but you can also convert landscape pictures into oil paintings as well. Furthermore, this tool lets you convert photos into over 15 AI filters, some of which we will explore in this comprehensive guide.

Part 3. How to Convert Photo into Oil Painting Online Free

InsMind is a free AI tool that provides you with different AI filters and fast conversion rates. You can turn a photo into an oil painting without losing the charm of the photo and download the result in PNG and JPG formats. Moving forward, let's understand how to turn a photo into an oil painting with the insMind photo conversion tool:

Step 1. Access the Photo to Painting Tool

Launch the "Photo to Painting" tool of insMind on your browser and click the "Upload a File" button to upload selfies or landscape pictures from File Explorer. You can also drag and drop a photo from the "File Explorer" to the website.

upload to convert photo to oil painting

Step 2. Apply the Oil Painting AI Filter

Once the picture is uploaded, a new window will appear on the screen with different types of AI filters on the right-side panel. You have to choose the "Oil Painting" AI filter and press the "Start" button to start the conversion process.

turn photos into oil paintings

Step 3. Download the Picture with Oil Painting Filter

After a few seconds, the oil painting filter will be applied to your picture. If you're still not satisfied, you can convert the photo again. Once satisfied, go to the top right corner and press the "Download" button to access the options. Now, choose any photo format and quality and click the "Download" button to save the photo on your device.

download the oil painting photo

Part 4. More than Photo to Oil Painting Filter [More AI Filters of insMind]

Users can utilize the insMind AI photo filtering tool for various other purposes and explore a new realm of filters. You can make your photo look realistic or funny by changing the appearance, adding effects, and more.

Moreover, insMind is an all-rounder tool with various other editing features and AI photo enhancement properties. Now, we'll explore some of the other filters you can use on photos other than the oil painting filter.

Comic Filter: The comic filter can transform pictures into playful yet detailed cartoon-like images with exaggerated details. Moreover, this filter gives an engaging visual aspect to the photo that you can use to create comic strips on social media.

Comic Filter

CG AI Filter: If you are an animator who makes CG content, you can utilize this filter to turn your art or photo into computer-generated art. Furthermore, it gives the pictures a high-tech, futuristic feel with a modern and polished look. It is best used for graphic designing, advertising products, and digital art projects.

CG AI Filter 

Sketch Filter: Are you tired of manually turning your art into a sketch that takes most of your time? Then, use the insMind sketch filter to convert any picture into a realistic hand-drawn photo with emphasized contouring effects. You can use this filter to create illustrative and conceptual art pieces you can sell online or learn how to sketch a photo.

Sketch Filter

Watercolor Filter: The watercolor medium is elegant and light in nature as it gives soft and fluid textures to the photo. Therefore, turning pictures into watercolor filters can make the visuals gentler. Additionally, you can use this filter to make greeting cards, miniature paintings, and more to advertise them online.

Watercolor filter

Wrapping Up

To conclude this article, learning how to turn a photo into an oil painting can help you create a masterpiece you can sell or post on social media. For this purpose, we discussed the best photo-converting tool, insMind, that can instantly turn a photo into an oil painting without quality loss. This article also explored the procedure of transforming ordinary pictures into stunning oil painting photos with insMind.

Moreover, this tool can do more than provide you with an oil painting filter, like offering other exciting filters you can use on photos. All in all, insMind is an excellent AI photo-to-painting converter tool with exceptional features. Try this tool for free by heading to its website and exploring the wonders of its advanced AI features.

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