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How to Fix Low Resolution Photos - Explore the Best Method

While posting content on social media for marketing purposes, you will need high-quality product photographs to attract potential customers. If your website contains blurry images, this will give a bad visual impression to the customers coming with the intention to buy the product. To avoid all such issues, you need to find different ways to fix the resolution of photos.

Many offline and online tools are available that can help you improve the picture quality to visually attract the target audience. After going through this article, you will learn how to fix low-resolution photos to present your products in the best manner.

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Part 1. How to Fix Low Resolution Photos Online Free?

As discussed, low resolution pictures can ruin the visual presentation of your products when it comes to online marketing. Marketers are always in need of tools to boost the quality of their product photoshoots to attract potential customers. insMind is one such tool, which can help you in this regard with its "AI Enhance Image" feature. Using this AI tool, you can sharpen your images and upgrade the outlook of your pictures.

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After learning how to fix the resolution of photos with this tool, you can optimize the visual quality of your portraits, logos, and text-rich visuals. Moreover, this tool gives you two options for image enhancement, including HD and Ultra HD, to optimize the output. Surprisingly, users can even enhance and restore old photos with the help of this tool to preserve their memories.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Low-Resolution Photos via insMind

Now, you have learned about the significant image enhancement features of this online photo enhancer. So, let's move forward to discuss how to fix a low-resolution photo to give a renewed outlook to your blurry product photos.

Step 1. Log into Your Account to Access the Photo Enhancement Feature

Start the process by accessing the insMind official website on your favored browser. From the main interface, tap the "Try for Free" button to access this tool's photo editing workspace. Moving forward, log into your Google account to utilize all the AI features of this tool without any interruption.

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Step 2. Enter AI Image Enhancer and Upload Your Photo

Upon logging into your account, you will see a range of AI photo editing tools from where you need to click the "AI Image Enhancer" button. Afterward, import the image you want to enhance with this tool to proceed further.

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Step 3. Choose the Clarity Option and Start Image Enhancement

Once you access the editing interface of this tool, choose the "Ultra High" option under the "Clarity" section. Now, press the "Start" button to fix the resolution of photos with this easy-to-use method.

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Step 4. Download the Enhanced Photo in Your Desired Format and Quality

After getting an enhanced photo, hit the "Download" button on the top-left of your screen to enter a new dropdown menu. From here, choose your favored "Format" and "Quality" settings from the relevant sections before hitting the "Download" button to save the AI-enhanced product photo.

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Part 2. Why Does My Photo Have a Low Resolution?

Even though you have learned how to fix low-resolution photos, you should also know about the reasons for such a low-quality photo output. Upon understanding the major causes of this issue, you can avoid having blurry pictures in the future. Therefore, let's go through these points one by one, along with their solution to optimize the way you carry out the professional product photoshoot:

  • Camera Settings: When facing the blurry pictures issue, it is possible that your camera might be set to a lower resolution setting. Due to this, you will get smaller and less detailed images, ruining their overall outlook. To avoid this issue, you need to adjust the camera settings to the highest resolution available. Also, users can check the camera's manual or settings menu to ensure it is set to capture images at the maximum resolution.
  • Image Compression: You will lose image quality while sharing pictures on social media, as these platforms compress your pictures automatically. So, you need to avoid sending pictures through WhatsApp or other such messaging applications. Instead, we recommend you utilize email or direct image-sharing applications for this purpose.
  • Lighting Conditions: Young entrepreneurs or SMEs cannot afford ring lights to get the best results for their product photoshoots. Therefore, poor lighting conditions can affect the sharpness and detail of an image, making it appear lower in resolution. As a solution, you can opt to click images in daylight or adjust the camera's exposure settings to improve image quality in low-light conditions.
  • Low-Quality Camera: Sometimes, the camera itself might have a low megapixel count, producing images with less detail. Users need to upgrade to a camera with a higher megapixel count for better image quality. However, if you cannot afford the new camera, utilize insMind's  AI Image Enhancer feature to fix the resolution of photos.

Part 3. Can I Fix Low-Resolution Photos?

Yes, you can fix photos in lower resolution with the help of the AI image enhancer feature of insMind. Using this feature, you can improve the details and quality of the images to have an overall sharper output. Moreover, this tool applies the "HD" or "Ultra HD" clarity to your uploaded photos to enhance them based on your requirements.

With its AI technology, insMind AI improves textures and reduces the blurriness of your photo to breathe life into your memorable images. Let's go through some of the major benefits of this tool to help you get the most out of your product photoshoots:  

  • Diverse Use Case: Users can enhance any type of photograph with the help of this image enhancer. Whether you want to upscale product photos or remove blur from portraits, this tool will always be at your service. After learning how to fix a low-resolution photo with this tool, you can also improve the quality of logos and text-filled pictures.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: With the image enhancement feature of this tool, anyone can upgrade their photo with a single click. You don't have to manually enhance each element present within the image to improve its overall quality.   
  • Other AI Features: After enhancing images using this tool, users can make use of the AI magic eraser feature to remove unwanted elements from the product photos. In addition, you can apply AI filters, including 3D and anime, to give them a new life. Other than that, users get the chance to resize their images with AI technology to optimize them for different social platforms.
  • Free to Use: You get to utilize the basic features of this image enhancement tool without paying any money. However, the premium version does have a price, which is affordable for most of the users. Besides, you also get a 7-day free trial to test the functionality of the Pro version.

Part 4. FAQs about Fixing Photo Resolution

Q1. Can I increase the photo resolution?

Yes, you can get many online and offline options to increase the resolution of your images to get the desired output. While using offline tools like Photoshop, you need technical knowledge to enhance image quality professionally. However, anyone can fix the resolution on photos with the one-click method offered by insMind.  

Q2. Is there a free app to fix low photo resolution?

Users can utilize insMind's AI Image Enhancer feature to improve the overall resolution of their product photos. With this free-of-cost tool, you can enhance your picture to HD quality without spending any money. However, you need to pay an affordable price to download the output image in the best possible quality.   

Q3. How to make low-quality photos clear?

Professionals need to use high-quality cameras with a wide-angle lens to avoid capturing low-quality pictures. However, if you cannot afford such a camera, we recommend you utilize online image enhancers to improve the quality of your blurred images. insMind is one such AI tool that comes to mind that can help you fix the resolution of photos.


Upon reading this article, you are now familiar with the major causes of the low quality image output. In addition, we have also introduced you to the best ways to tackle these issues for an optimized photo quality.

However, if you still get low-resolution image output, you can always learn how to fix low resolution photos with online image enhancers, such as insMind. With its easy-to-use interface and multi-dimensional features, you can optimize the way you deal with photo editing.

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