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How to Turn Photo into Watercolor in 3 Easy Steps Online

It is quite easy to transfer a simple photo to watercolor in the era of digital technology. A unique feature that can be added to photos and make them more colorful and attractive is digital watercolor painting. The possibility of turning a photo to watercolor painting masterpiece is not only useful but also very attractive for everyone including professionals and new photographers.

Here, we are going to discuss why you might want to apply the watercolor effect to your photos along with the process of applying it with insMind’s AI filter along with why you need insMind for all your photo editing needs.

Table of Contents

  1. 01 Part 1. Why Transform a Photo with a Watercolor Effect?
  2. 02 Part 2. How to Turn a Photo into Watercolor Art with insMind’s AI Filter
  3. 03 Part 3. Exploring More Effects with insMind
  4. 04 Part 4. Why Choose insMind for Your Photo Editing Needs?

Part 1. Why Transform a Photo with a Watercolor Effect?

Instead of doing it physically or manually digital editing, transforming a photo with an AI watercolor effect brings you multiple benefits including the following:

· Add a Unique Aesthetic to Your Images

Enhancing a photo with a watercolor effect makes the picture look even more beautiful. The technique of watercolor greatly features soft and smooth brushwork as well as smooth gradations since it gives a kind of dreamy effect to the paintings. This effect can make the white interesting and give more uniqueness to the picture than with ordinary post-processing.

· Personalized Images for Yourself and Others

It is always pleasant to give a personal touch to the photos, and transforming the photos into watercolor versions will probably help. It could be a family picture, a pet image, or a touristic picture, and converting such into watercolor art also appeals as being unique.

These transformed images are also good sensible and distinct presents or online social media posts.

· Creative Interior Design Options

Any interior can benefit from watercolor-effect photos as the final decorative element because they are organic and eye-catching. They can be placed in a frame and put on the wall and become the unique art on your interior. Regardless of what you may need in terms of decorating your wall, with soft, muted pastel colors, or larger and bolder shades, watercolor-effect photos can be truly versatile. This approach of arranging and presenting your memories is unique and artistic; it turns ordinary photos into great pieces that can adorn your home.

Visual representation of a photo transformed into a watercolor painting using insMind 

Part 2. How to Turn a Photo into Watercolor Art with insMind’s AI Filter

Turning a photo into watercolor art cannot be easier than it is with insMind. Here you can do this complete conversion within a few clicks as explained in the steps below:

Step 1: Start by accessing the Image to Watercolor tool in insMind by clicking here. Now you can click “Upload a picture” to upload the image that you want to convert into a watercolor painting.

Screenshot demonstrating the process of uploading a photo to the Image to Watercolor Tool in insMind 

Step 2: Select AI Filters from the right menu and click Watercolor to select it. Now you can click “Start” to begin the filter tool.

Screenshot showing the selection process of an AI watercolor filter in insMind 

Step 3: Click download from the top and proceed with selecting your preferred settings. Now your photo with watercolor AI filter implemented will be downloaded and saved to your offline storage.

Final watercolor filter image downloaded from insMind 

Part 3. Exploring More Effects with insMind

insMind is not only about the photo-to-watercolor effect but it has multiple other attractive and unique AI effects as explained below:

· Photo to Cartoon

Example images of Photo to Cartoon 

The photo-to-cartoon effect from insMind helps to turn your photos into lively cartoons quickly. This filter enhances the features and paints the figure in bright colors. Your photos will be as cheerful as qualitative comics. Great for profile pictures or art related to graphics and designs, this adds a special lively to your pictures.

· Photo to Sketch

To make your photos look like black and white pencil-drawn pictures, use insMind’s photo to sketch effect. This filter enhances the thin lines thus making the prints resemble hand-drawn illustrations. Perfect for turning your photos into timeless artistic masterpieces, this enhances the photo's black-and-white look. 

· Photo to Painting

Amaze your friends and family by converting photos into oil painting using insMind photo to paint effect. This filter provides a depth of rich detail of brushstrokes and generally gives a picture of the appearance of an artwork. Depending on whether you are into realistic or abstract scenes/settings, this creates a very fine painterly look to your pictures.

· Photo to Line Art

Example images of Photo to Line Art 

Convert your images to neat and simple line drawings instantly with insMind’s photo-to-line art filter. This filter ends up blurring your images and making them look like scribbles with clear black lines on a white background- highlighting the outlines of objects. Lovingly designed for logos, illustrations, or any modern art pieces that require that fabulous contemporary look.

With these effects and many others, you can easily convert your photos with AI enjoying high accuracy and fast processing with ease of use to further enhance your experience.

Part 4. Why Choose insMind for Your Photo Editing Needs?

Everyone has different motivations for selecting an AI tool for editing their photos. However, below are some generic reasons to choose insMind over other tools for a much better experience.

· User-Friendly Interface

The interface of insMind is very user-friendly such that it can easily be used by beginners, and it can also be used by experts. Even if you are a novice or photo retouching is your occupation, you will appreciate the clear structure and an easily comprehensible interface.

To sum it up, insMind makes sure that all the tools are labeled correctly, and the steps are quite simple and worry-free so that you can edit your photos as fast as you can with little to no problem at all to your editing fun.

· AI-Powered Versatile Filters

insMind utilizes modern AI solutions providing clients with a broad list of the necessary and enough filters. These filters can be used in a way that they attempt to retouch in numerous manners and the styles include watercolor, oil paints, sketches, cartoons, etc.

The style is matched by understanding the details of provided photo images and effects are put in that improve the natural look of the photos, so it gives high-quality results that seem to be created by a professional photographer. This flexibility helps you to come up with very many ideas which would be very hard to develop if you had to stick to only one kind of strategy.

· Powerful and Quick Processing

It can deal with even large images with many modifications making the task so fast and all the while delivering the best results. It is important so that you can be able to apply effects and make appropriate changes in the shortest time possible. Regardless of the type of your photo, insMind will do it quickly and that is why it can be used by both an individual and a professional.

Example images of Photo to Watercolor


Converting a photo to watercolor painting helps you convert real-life photos into unique works of art. It breaks down your precious photos in watercolor paintings, which is an artistic way of reliving your memories. When using applications such as insMind, the process is easy, fast, and cheap.

InsMind’s filters for some reason work well for generating interesting content for social media platforms, designing individual gifts for your near and dear ones, and even creating marvelous home decorations. So why wait? Try insMind now for free.