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AI-Powered  Uncrop Image Online for Free using AI

Unlock the power of insMind's free AI tool and uncrop your photos effortlessly, saving time and money while breathing new life into your photos.

Uncrop Image Online for Free using AI
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Uncrop photos in one click with smart image aspect ratios

Uncrop photos in one click with smart image aspect ratios

Experience utmost convenience while using insMind's AI expander which allows you to uncrop photos with just one click. Upload a photo, click on a desired aspect ratio, and voila! You now have a stunning uncropped version of your photo. This uncrop AI tool can intelligently adjust the aspect ratio while preserving the original details of the photo. For artists, this tool is convenient if your clients desire a larger print of your work. For professional photographers or e-commerce staff, this tool is useful if you need high-quality expanded visuals of your work for showcasing purposes. A tool that effortlessly and intuitively unleashes the full potential of your images.

Uncrop product photos to boost sales

Uncrop product photos to boost sales

With the insMind AI uncrop tool, you can now elevate your e-commerce game by uncropping product photos. Highlight the amazing features of your products, expand their hidden details, and captivate future clients with the insMind Uncrop tool. A tool that can expand photos without warping, stretching, or ruining the original value of your photos. Resize your photos with the AI Image Expander tool so they can fit a larger market advertisement. With the help of insMind, you will find your products shine in front of store covers, boosting your sales by breaking boundaries in marketing your revamped product photos.

Elevate image visuals for your socials using Uncrop AI

Elevate image visuals for your socials using Uncrop AI

Realize the full potential of your photos with insMind's AI uncrop. A tool that allows you to effortlessly uncrop photos for your every need. If you are a content creator making YouTube thumbnails, an influencer creating captivating Instagram and Facebook posts, or someone who just wants a picture-perfect social media feed. This uncrop tool will help you resize and expand your photos to fit the proper aspect ratio that you desire. No more warped and ugly cropped photos, you can now expand photos without ruining their original glory. With insMind, you can elevate your image visuals and unlock a world of connection and creative possibilities.

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How to uncrop a photo online for free?

Open insMind

To start uncropping your image you must first go to insMind's website to access its powerful AI tools.

Upload Your Image

On the website, you will be greeted by the upload button on its landing page. Click on the "Upload a Photo" button to start choosing a photo from your computer that you want to uncrop.

Uncrop your image

Once done uploading the Image you will be redirected to the photo editing canvas. From here you can go ahead and click on the AI Image Expander tool and choose your desired aspect ratio. If you're satisfied with the chosen size, you can click "Start" and wait for the AI to uncrop the image.

Download the photo

After generating your photo you can now click download to save your uncropped photo. With insMind AI Image Expander, you will have an image with great quality without compromising the original value of the photo.
Open insMind

Frequently asked questions

What is uncrop?

In the photo editing context, the word "uncrop" means to expand an image. So when you hear someone saying they want to uncrop their photos do not confuse it with cropping or cutting out portions of a photo which is the opposite of uncrop.

How does the AI uncrop tool work?

The insMind AI uncrop tool works by analyzing the composition and contents of your uploaded photo using Artificial Intelligence. With this information, it will then start intelligently adding pixels to your photo with a specific algorithm so that it will match.

Can I adjust the image aspect ratio for uncropping?

Yes, you can. With the insMind AI uncrop tool, after uploading your desired photo you can choose from the different standard aspect ratios used in media. If you have a specific photo shape or size in mind that is not available to the aspect ratio choices there is also a free-form option that you can use to resize your photo to any desired size.

Can I revert to the original image after uncropping?

Yes, you can revert the original image after uncropping it with insMind. You can simply click the undo button to recover your original image. If you have previously logged in to your insMind account you can also see your uploaded photo history.

Is it free to uncrop a photo?

Other editing platforms and software require a paid subscription to access advanced tools to uncrop photos. With the insMind photo editing platform, however, you can access its AI uncrop tool together with its other AI-powered tools and comprehensive libraries on the website for free.

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