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Boosting eCommerce ROI: Top 10 Tips to Increase ROI in 2024

In the business marketing industry, you always need to be at the top of your game to beat your competitors. Therefore, making arbitrary decisions managing your store can help increase eCommerce sales and ROI ratings.

The problem arises when you don't measure your product's ROI ratings, and this can lead to inefficient use of resources and a decrease in ROI. However, there are various solutions marketing companies can try. In this article, we'll address these solutions in the form of valuable tips that can significantly boost eCommerce ROI.

Part 1. What is eCommerce ROI And Why It Is Important?

Companies that sell different types of products over the Internet are known as electronic commerce. Similarly, eCommerce ROI estimates and compares the amount of investment you spend on a product to gain profit. However, when it comes to eCommerce marketing, ROI is the most important metric you need to track. To learn more about the benefits of ROI, read the following key points:

  • Maximum Company Profit: By analyzing the ROI of your different marketing companies, you can pinpoint the exact investment that yields the highest profit. Moreover, this insight allows you to utilize resources more efficiently, thus maximizing profit.
  • Competitive Edge: If you play your cards right at optimizing E-Commerce ROI strategies, you'll have an edge over other competitors. Therefore, continuous analysis of your marketing channels can help you gain higher profitability.
  • Strategic Planning: Having realistic goals and strategic planning for your product can help prioritize products that deliver the most significant results. This way you can allocate resources only to the right project to have a successful business outcome.
  • Customer Reviews and Insights: Customer reviews and insights are essential to understand and boost eCommerce ROI. Therefore, building trust and credibility with your customers can help in boosting eCommerce ROI.

Part 2. 10 Useful Tips for Boosting eCommerce ROI

In the above section, we learned how important e-commerce ROI is to a business. Moreover, allocating and strategically using your resources can help increase eCommerce sales. Now, if you want to learn how to increase eCommerce sales, then read the following valuable tips.

Tip 1. Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rate with Attractive Product Photos

It is a known fact that people are attracted to immersive interfaces containing animated icons and photos. That is why, to boost E-Commerce ROI, you should consider using an attractive photo editing tool. For this purpose, we introduce you to insMind, a free AI-powered photo editing tool providing companies with everything they need.

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This AI-powered tool is filled with up to 20+ next-level E-Commerce photo editing features that can take your website to another level. Furthermore, it can help you design and edit photos like a pro in just a few clicks. If you are curious to find out what these tools do, consider reading the given key features to understand.

Key Features

  • Background Removal: InsMind offers you a free online background eraser that can help you remove the unattractive background from your product image with great efficiency. It is an ideal feature for producing attractive and stunning portrait products and graphics to increase e-commerce sales.
  • AI Background: If you are unsure which background best fits your product, use insMind's AI background changer. This feature includes over 100,000 + backgrounds that integrate perfectly with your product. You can also generate stunning backgrounds with AI to boost eCommerce.
  • Magic Eraser: The magic eraser feature can help remove unwanted objects from a photo. It can also remove text, logos, and watermarks from any image for a professional look. Overall, with such stunning backgrounds for your products, you can boost E-Commerce ROI.
  • AI Shadows: Another feature that can increase eCommerce sales is the AI shadow that enhances the realism of a photo. You can get quality photos that showcase your product's authenticity. Moreover, users can adjust the shadow with different colors, lengths, offsets, and many more.
  • AI Image Enhancer: Organizations can boost eCommerce sales by using an AI image enhancer feature to transform photos. Furthermore, it can restore old photos to their original sharp and stunning visual quality. Users can also use upscale images that fit better in their e-commerce marketing store.
  • Product Photo Collage: Create outstanding product image collages to attract more views to your product. insMind provides a variety of templates and effects for you to choose from.

Tip 2. Enhance Product's Website with Compelling Content

In an eCommerce business, the first interaction of a customer is with your website, where they'll consider buying a product. Therefore, making your website intuitive and easy to navigate is crucial to increase E-Commerce sales. You can add comprehensive and stunning designs to attract customers as they load to a different page.

Tip 3. Attracts Qualified Traffic to Gain Visibility

When you create a website, your primary concern is its visibility. However, if the website is filled with unqualified users, then it will result in no revenue. That is why, focus on attracting only qualified traffic with transactional and product keywords. This is a useful tip for boosting E-Commerce ROI and to gain more revenue.

Tip 4. Focus on the Customer's Persona

What do you think you're trying to sell to your client on your E-Commerce marketing website? If you don't understand the buyer's persona, then everything on your website will be too generic. Therefore, you need to understand the buyer's need, their interest, and why this person will make that purchase.

Tip 5. Recommend Personalized Offers and Deals

Do you know how to increase E-Commerce sales using personalized deals and offers? You can use the algorithm to determine and suggest special offers to customers according to their search history. Moreover, it'll increase customer loyalty as they'll receive the ideal products of interest. Personalized recommendations can immensely improve the customer experience, which leads to more revenue.

Tip 6. Try new Campaigns to Enhance Sales Channels

When you launch your e-commerce store, the next step is to spread the word. You can try experimenting with different social media platforms. Organizations can use seasonal discounts, social media promotions, and influencers to advertise their products. Using the trial-and-error method, you can broaden your audience, gain qualified traffic, and boost E-Commerce.

Tip 7. Prioritize Exclusive Products to Increase ROI

When you have a solid customer base, you can start offering them exclusive products and deals. This will attract more customers who are looking for unique products. Other than that, you can market these exclusive products on different social media platforms. This will attract dedicated customers who will make purchases even for higher prices.

Tip 8. Increase Customer Retention with Feedback

Getting feedback from your customers is a crucial step in maintaining a higher ROI. That is why you should actively seek input and let customers leave suggestions on your website. You can also gather insights using different services or directly communicating with your customers. Moreover, by addressing this feedback will help you improve services and customer experience that will boost E-Commerce. 

Tip 9. Utilize Analytical Tools to Track ROI Rating

Another useful tip you can follow is to use a tracker to keep track of your customer's behavior and ROI rating. These analytics will provide you with an in-depth insight into various aspects, like performance rate and product profitability. Besides, optimize your resources and improve the overall business performance by strategizing a better plan.

Tip 10. Monitor Your Product Success

Finally, the last tip is to regularly monitor your product success by tracking down the sales performance, customer reviews, and the overall return rate of a product. Gathering this data will help you understand what your product was lacking and how to improve it. Similarly, you can make strategic decisions on your inventory, social media advertising, and product development to increase e-commerce sales.

Part 3. FAQs about Increasing eCommerce Sales

1. What is a good ROI for eCommerce?

How can you determine when an ROI is good enough for eCommerce? The answer lies in the percentage of ROI, which typically falls between 25% and 50%. Moreover, it can vary depending on the type of business and its goals.

2. How can I increase my eCommerce revenue?

There are a couple of things you can try to boost E-Commerce and optimize your website for better usability. To attract more customers, enhance the product listing by adding compelling descriptions. You can also try effective marketing strategies, like social media advertising and email marketing. On the other hand, customers enjoy a personalized experience so that you can offer them exclusive offers.

3. How to increase ROI in eCommerce?

ROI helps you determine the potential of a particular investment going to your business. Therefore, to increase ROI, you should deeply analyze and optimize funding and different resources that will improve your website conversion rates. Furthermore, use advanced technology and data-driven decisions to maximize profitability.

4. What is the 80-20 rule of eCommerce?

The 80-20 rule states that 20% of the causes create 80% of the outcomes, while the remaining percentage is for the rest. Therefore, business companies only prioritize 20% of their customers, which provides them 80% of the business income. This rule can also be applied to different aspects, such as through customers, sales, and websites.  


In this article, we learned why ROI is essential in eCommerce and how to increase eCommerce sales by understanding these points. Moreover, the second section showcased the top 10 valuable tips companies can use to boost E-Commerce. However, to optimize eCommerce, you need an effective tool that can produce stunning visual photos for your store.

The AI-powered photo editing tool, insMind, can create and enhance professional-level photos efficiently. So, why not try insMind to explore how its advanced feature can help you enhance your product photos. Moreover, this tool can increase eCommerce sales and take your business to the next level.

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